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—In order to better understand the psychosocial factors involved in consumption to online music, we examine the role that two types of social networks—advising network and emotional network—play in individual consumption to digital music, especially the consumption to online music in China. Using survey data from 154 college students in 3 universities, we(More)
Mobile station position have been receiving more and more attention in recently years. Positioning via time of arrival is a kind of key technology. A simple and fast algorithm based on time of arrival technology is proposed in this paper. Through the first step estimation, we can easily get the rough value by changing the coordinate origin. And the precise(More)
— The book industry is undergoing a digital transformation enabled by the Internet and e-book technology, which offers a novel channel for delivering books to consumers who mostly purchase paper books from physical or online bookstores. We examine characteristics of audio-book models that can be successfully employed in developed countries. Then, we provide(More)
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