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Proposal of Cloud Computing is tightly coupled withlow cost. Reduction of cost is considered as an importantadvantage of Cloud. However, there are no availabletools proper for cost calculation and analysis in Cloudenvironment. This paper presents our efforts towardsfilling in the gap. We format suits of metrics and formulasfor the calculation of Cloud Total(More)
Autonomic computing middleware is a promising way to enable middleware based systems to cope with the rapid and continuous changes in the era of Internet. Technically, there have been three fundamental and challenging capabilities to an autonomic computing middleware, including how to monitor, reason and control middleware platform and applications. This(More)
Services computing paradigm together with Web services have significantly promoted the automation of business process in enterprise. Prevalent service composition technologies, such as WS-BPEL and WSCI, provide promising means to deal with machine-to-machine communication. Traditionally, in the phase of business process modeling, there usually require some(More)
Middleware can be viewed as a collection of common services which may fail caused by various reasons. Recovery-based fault tolerance is an effective way to improve middleware services' dependability. But the interdependent relationships among services make the recovery of failed services complex. This paper analyzes the interdependent relationships and(More)
Recently, there is appearing a multi Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud site environment. It makes server users/administrators annoying because each cloud site is managed separately by each cloud owner and they have to make use of cloud sites individually. In this paper, we propose the Multi Cloud Management Platform that locates between cloud users(More)
Elucidating the role of androgen deprivation in the transition from androgen-dependence to independence may enable the development of more specific therapeutic strategies against prostate cancer. Our previous in vitro model was employed to further assess the effects of continuous androgen‑deprivation on prostate cancer cells (LNCaP) with respect to both(More)
Emergence of androgen-independent cancer cells during androgen deprivation therapy presents a significant challenge to successful treatment outcomes in prostate cancer. Elucidating the role of androgen deprivation in the transition from an androgen-dependent to an androgen-independent state may enable the development(More)
Internetware, a new software paradigm, enables systems to be built and evolved for better service quality according to changes in the environment. However, at the same time Internetware greatly complicates system management tasks due to the autonomy, cooperation and evolution of its components. In fact, the configuration of large-scale Internet-based(More)