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Being the most popular runtime infrastructure for distributed systems, middle-ware can be viewed as a collection of common services. Since the development, deployment and maintenance of distributed systems rely largely on middleware services, the failure of middleware services puts a significant impact on the reliability and availability of the whole(More)
Being a popular runtime infrastructure in the era of Internet, middleware provides more and more services to support the development, deployment and management of distributed systems. At the same time, the reliability of middleware services has a significant impact on the overall reliability of the system. Different services have different impacts and(More)
Evolutionary developmental biology (EVO-DEVO) tries to decode evolutionary constraints on the stages of embryonic development. Two models--the "funnel-like" model and the "hourglass" model--have been proposed by investigators to illustrate the fluctuation of selective pressure on these stages. However, selective indices of stages corresponding to mammalian(More)
Heap is an important shared resource in Java virtual machine. A problem with memory management in one component can affect the whole system and even result in crashing the virtual machine. In this paper, we propose an partition-based approach to manage heap in an application server. In our approach, the shared heap is divided into logical partitions, in(More)