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Limited data are available on the fate of clothianidin under realistic agricultural production conditions. The present study is the first large-scale assessment of clothianidin residues in soil and bee-relevant matrices from corn and canola fields after multiple years of seed-treatment use. The average soil concentration from 50 Midwest US corn fields with(More)
Pyrethroid insecticides are widely used in urban environments, and their occurrence has been recently associated with aquatic toxicity in urban surface streams. Synthetic pyrethroids are strongly hydrophobic compounds, highlighting the importance of the freely dissolved concentration (Cfree), rather than the total chemical concentration, for better(More)
This video explains in 100 seconds the importance of studying how humans interact with technology. The idea revolves around the evolution of the button and proposes that the design of modern buttons can go wrong when user-centered design is neglected. This was a winning video developed by five MSc students at the UCL Interaction Centre (UCLIC). It was(More)
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