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A bidirectional multi-channel MAC protocol for improving TCP performance on multihop wireless ad hoc networks
A novel bidirectional multi-channel MAC protocol designed to improve TCP performance over a multihop wireless network and fairness is improved, since contention is confined to a short handshake period on the control channel.
Measurement study of RealMedia streaming traffic
With the growing popularity of real-time audio/video streaming applications on the Internet, it is important to study the traffic characteristics of such applications and to understand their
MRMC : A Multi-Rate Multi-Channel MAC Protocol for Multi-Radio Wireless LANs
This paper describes and evaluates a multi-rate multi-channel Medium Access Control (MAC) protocol that uses different transmission channels to isolate high- rate stations from low-rate stations and shows throughput improvements of up to 450% compared to the IEEE 802.11b MAC protocol.
Error control for scalable image and video coding