Tianbao Liu

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We have developed a novel colorimetric and ratiometric fluorescence probe for the selective and sensitive monitoring of hydrogen sulfide based on a dicyanoisophorone platform. An excellent linear relationship of fluorescence intensity ratio (I637/I558) (R(2) = 0.9867) versus hydrogen sulfide concentration in the range of 1-12 μM was obtained. This probe(More)
We present and analyze some variants of Cauchy’s methods free from second derivative for obtaining simple roots of nonlinear equations. The convergence analysis of the methods is discussed. It is established that the methods have convergence order three. Per iteration the new methods require two function and one first derivative evaluations. Numerical(More)
A novel highly selective and sensitive fluorescent probe (NJ1) had been designed and synthesized for Cu(2+) detection by fluorescence quenching mechanism, and then the enhancement of fluorescence intensity with the addition of hydrogen sulfide in complex NJ1Cu aqueous solution at physiological conditions were described. This "on-off-on" type fluorescence(More)
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