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The American Rheumatism Association sub-committe on classification criteria for gout analyzed data from more than 700 patients with gout, pseudogout, rheumatoid arthritis, or septic arthritis. Criteria for classifying a patient as having gout were a) the presence of characteristic urate crystals in the joint fluid, and/or b) a topus proved to contain urate(More)
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Renal function studies were performed in 524 gouty subjects, including follow-up studies at intervals up to 12 years in 112 of them. In 49 subjects, the glomerular filtration rate was less than 70 ml/min and Curate:glomerular filtration rate ratio tended to rise as the glomerular filtration rate decreased, reflecting a relatively stable urate excretion over(More)
Discordance between clinical phenotype and the level of a mutant enzyme activity may reflect differences between enzyme function in vivo and that measured by the customary enzyme assays on cell extracts. In the present study, the conversion of hypoxanthine to phosphorylated products was measured in intact skin fibroblasts and in cell extracts from seven(More)
Inulin clearance was measured in 624 patients with gout, and para-aminohippuric acid (PAH) clearance in 359; Group I consisted of 397 patients with uncomplicated gout; Group II, 191 patients with hypertension and/or ischemic heart disease; and Group III, 36 patients with chronic renal disease. Mean inulin clearance was normal in Group I, slightly depressed(More)
Gouty arthritis in females is relatively infrequent, although the sex ratio may be somewhat altered in different races. A positive family history is relatively prevalent among females whose onset of gout is premenopausal. In those patients with a postmenopausal onset, the incidence of diuretic-associated gout is high. The bimodal distribution of serum urate(More)