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Prepulse inhibition (PPI) of the startle reflex refers to the reduction of the reflexive startle response to an intense pulse stimulus when its presentation is shortly preceded by a weak prepulse stimulus. PPI is considered as a cross-species translational model of sensorimotor gating, and deficient PPI has been reported in a number of neuropsychiatric(More)
The usefulness of microscopic examination of pure bile directly collected from the biliary tract during endoscopic retrograde cholangiography and without hormonal simulation was prospectively evaluated in 72 patients. According to clinical, biochemical, ultrasonographic, and radiographic data, the patients were separated into two groups: group 1, patients(More)
Surgical diversion of bile and pancreatic secretions to the mid small bowel has been shown to provoke increased CCK plasma concentration and growth of the pancreas in rats. This study was undertaken to investigate the effects of chronic pancreaticobiliary diversion on pancreatic morphology as well as the circulating concentrations of pancreatic polypeptide,(More)
Sphincter of Oddi activity partly regulates bile flow into the small intestine. This regulation is mainly controlled by phasic contractions and basal tone of the sphincter, together with gallbladder contraction. Manometric studies of the sphincter have permitted a better understanding of its physiological role and implication in biliary dyskinesia symptoms.(More)
In the present study we report the results of Nd:YAG laser treatment in 36 patients with rectal carcinoma in whom negative biopsies were obtained at the end of the treatment. The laser (100-W maximal power output) was applied through a flexible endoscope during 20- to 40-min sessions repeated every three days until the lesion was destroyed completely.(More)
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