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Small-area population estimation is an important task that has received considerable attention from the remote-sensing community in the past four decades. The wealth of related studies reveals that the notion of living space had been considered a key linkage between population and remote-sensing measurements. Unfortunately, a formal definition for this(More)
This paper proposes a method for buildings change detection. Vertical edges of buildings are extracted in pairs of aerial images respectively, taking advantage of the character that vertical edges intersect at their vanishing point without fail. The ground coordinates of the vertices on each vertical edge are calculated according to projection difference(More)
Existing studies examined the U.S.'s direct GHG emitters and final consumers driving upstream GHG emissions, but overlooked the U.S.'s primary suppliers enabling downstream GHG emissions and relative contributions of socioeconomic factors to GHG emission changes from the supply side. This study investigates GHG emissions of sectors in the U.S. from(More)
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