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The transition from the juvenile to adult phase in plants is controlled by diverse exogenous and endogenous cues such as age, day length, light, nutrients, and temperature. Previous studies have shown that the gradual decline in microRNA156 (miR156) with age promotes the expression of adult traits. However, how age temporally regulates the abundance of(More)
Plants flower in response to many varied cues, such as temperature, photoperiod, and age. The floral transition of Cardamine flexuosa, a herbaceous biennial-to-perennial plant, requires exposure to cold temperature, a treatment known as vernalization. C. flexuosa younger than 5 weeks old are not fully responsive to cold treatment. We demonstrate that the(More)
Plants undergo a series of developmental transitions during their life cycle. After seed germination, plants pass through two distinct phases: the vegetative phase in which leaves are produced and the reproductive phase in which flowering occurs. Based on the reproductive competence and morphological changes, the vegetative phase can be further divided into(More)
Environmental and genetic factors interact in the process and treatment of colon cancer, although the underlying mechanisms remain elusive. The aim of the study was to examine the role of whether bone morphogenetic protein 7 (BMP7) is involved in the progression of colon cancer under local intratumoral infiltration lymphocytes. A total of 46 cases of(More)
A high-sensitivity metal-carbonyl-based IR probe is described that can be incorporated into proteins or other biomolecules in very high yield via Click chemistry. A two-step strategy is demonstrated. First, a methionine auxotroph is used to incorporate the unnatural amino acid azidohomoalanine at high levels. Second, a tricarbonyl (η(5)-cyclopentadienyl)(More)
In this paper, a new approach is proposed to estimate pseudo noise(PN) sequence in the lower SNR DS/SS signals blindly. This method utilizes the characteristics of self-organization, principal components analysis and extraction of unsupervised neural networks adequately, in addition to its higher-speed operation ability, successfully solve the difficult(More)
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