Tian-yu Ying

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By using GLOPEM-CEVSA model, the spatiotemporal pattern and its affecting factors of the vegetation net primary productivity (NPP) in Northeast China in 2000-2008 were simulated, and, taking four forest ecosystem stations (Daxing' anling, Laoyeling, Liangshui and Changbai Mountains) as the cases, the seasonal changes and their main driving force of forest(More)
New iron selenide superconductors by intercalating smaller-sized alkali metals (Li, Na) and alkaline earths using high-temperature routes have been pursued ever since the discovery of superconductivity at about 30 K in KFe₂Se₂, but all have failed so far. Here we demonstrate that a series of superconductors with enhanced T(c) = 30∼46 K can be obtained by(More)
An empirical model was set up by using TM data to get the reflectance of the earth surface in Naiman Banner of Kerqin Sandy Land, and the influence of vegetation on the pixel reflectance was eliminated by optical vegetation coverage model. The regression model between soil water content and earth surface reflectance was set up to retrieve soil water(More)
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