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Stable Supersaturated Aqueous Solutions of Silatecan 7-t-Butyldimethylsilyl-10-Hydroxycamptothecin via Chemical Conversion in the Presence of a Chemically Modified β-Cyclodextrin
AbstractPurpose. A method for obtaining clear supersaturated aqueous solutions for parenteral administration of the poorly soluble experimental anti-cancer drug silatecanExpand
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Liposomal drug transport: a molecular perspective from molecular dynamics simulations in lipid bilayers.
Computational methods to predict drug permeability across biomembranes prior to synthesis are increasingly desirable to minimize the investment in drug design and development. Significant progress inExpand
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Distribution and Effect of Water Content on Molecular Mobility in Poly(vinylpyrrolidone) Glasses: A Molecular Dynamics Simulation
PurposeThis work explores the distribution of water and its effects on molecular mobilities in poly(vinylpyrrolidone) (PVP) glasses using molecular dynamics (MD) simulation technology.MethodsPVPExpand
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Liposome transport of hydrophobic drugs: gel phase lipid bilayer permeability and partitioning of the lactone form of a hydrophobic camptothecin, DB-67.
The design of liposomal delivery systems for hydrophobic drug molecules having improved encapsulation efficiency and enhanced drug retention would be highly desirable. Unfortunately, the poor aqueousExpand
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Molecular dynamics simulation of amorphous indomethacin-poly(vinylpyrrolidone) glasses: solubility and hydrogen bonding interactions.
Amorphous drug dispersions are frequently employed to enhance solubility and dissolution of poorly water-soluble drugs and thereby increase their oral bioavailability. Because these systems areExpand
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Enhanced active liposomal loading of a poorly soluble ionizable drug using supersaturated drug solutions.
Nanoparticulate drug carriers such as liposomal drug delivery systems are of considerable interest in cancer therapy because of their ability to passively accumulate in solid tumors. For liposomes toExpand
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Hydrogen Bonding Interactions in Amorphous Indomethacin and Its Amorphous Solid Dispersions with Poly(vinylpyrrolidone) and Poly(vinylpyrrolidone-co-vinyl acetate) Studied Using (13)C Solid-State NMR.
Hydrogen bonding interactions in amorphous indomethacin and amorphous solid dispersions of indomethacin with poly(vinylpyrrolidone), or PVP, and poly(vinylpyrrolidone-co-vinyl acetate), or PVP/VA,Expand
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Mechanistic model and analysis of doxorubicin release from liposomal formulations.
Reliable and predictive models of drug release kinetics in vitro and in vivo are still lacking for liposomal formulations. Developing robust, predictive release models requires systematic,Expand
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Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Amorphous Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose and Its Mixtures With Felodipine and Water.
Understanding drug-polymer molecular interactions, their miscibility, supersaturation potential, and the effects of water uptake may be invaluable for selecting amorphous polymer dispersions that canExpand
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Determination of key parameters for a mechanism-based model to predict Doxorubicin release from actively loaded liposomes.
Despite extensive study of liposomal drug formulations, reliable predictive models of release kinetics in vitro and in vivo are still lacking. Progress in the development of robust, predictiveExpand
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