Tian-xiang Gong

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OBJECTIVE To study the molecular genetics characteristics of Jk(a-b-) phenotype of blood donors from Chengdu. METHODS Exons 4-11 of the JK genes and their flanking intronic regions for 8 Jk(a-b-) samples were analyzed with PCR-sequence specific primers (PCR-SSP) and DNA sequencing. RESULTS All samples had AA genotype at position 838 of exon 9 predicting(More)
This study was purposed to identify endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS) mRNA in human RBCs during storage and to investigate the relationship of its changing profile and preservation time at 4°C. RT-PCR and gene sequencing were applied to identify eNOS-mRNA in banked RBC. Real time PCR was used to study the relationship of eNOS-mRNA expression and(More)
The purpose of this study was to find the rare individual JK(a-b-) phenotype of proband family and explore its molecular mechanism and the genetic background, in order to provide base for searching compatible donor to blood transfusion of the individuals with rare JK(a-b-) phenotype. Urea lysis test was used to screen the JK(a-b-) phenotype and results were(More)
This study was aimed to establish the real-time multiple-PCR with melting curve analysis for Duffy blood group Fy-a/b genotyping. According to the sequence of mRNA coding for β-actin and Fy-a/b, the primers of β-actin and Fy-a/b were synthesized. The real-time multiple-PCR with melting curve analysis for Fy-a/b genotyping was established. The Fy-a/b(More)
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