Tian-pei Xie

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AIM The role of CYP1A in the protection of aristolochic acid (AA)I-induced nephrotoxicity has been suggested. In the present study we investigated the effects of beta-naphthoflavone (BNF), a non-carcinogen CYP1A inducer, on AAI-induced kidney injury. METHODS Mice were pretreated with 80 mg/kg BNF by daily intraperitoneal injection (ip) for 3 days followed(More)
Rapid filtration assays were used to characterize glutamate/cation uptake in brush-border membrane vesicles from the larval midgut of the lepidopteran Manduca sexta. At pH 10.5, which is close to the physiological pH in the midgut of M. sexta, an inwardly directed K+ gradient stimulated glutamate uptake, suggesting that glutamate was symported. Gradients of(More)
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