Tian-nan Hu

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OBJECTIVE To develop polyethylenimine-Doxorubicin-montmorillonite (PEI-Dox-MTT) as a novel multifunction delivery system. METHODS Dox was intercalated into montmorillonite, PEI covered to the surface of Dox/MMT to make the nano-particle. XRD, FT-IR and TGA were used to confirm chemical property of the nano-particle. SEM was used to observe the morphology.(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the characteristics of cationic polymers polyethylenimine-β-cyclodextrin (PEI-CyD), polyethylenimine-poly-(3-hydroxypropyl)-aspartamide (PEI-PHPA), N,N-Dimethyldipropylenetriamine-Bis(3-aminopropyl)amine-aspartamide (PEE-PHPA) in vitro and in vivo. METHODS PEI-PHPA, PEI-CyD and PEE-PHPA were synthesized and the chemistry structure of(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop a drug delivery system triptolide-polyethylenimine-cyclodextrin and to evaluate its anticancer activity in vitro. METHODS Triptolide was conjugated to polyethylenimine-cyclodextrin by N, N'-carbonyldiimidazole to form triptolide-polyethylenimine-cyclodextrin. (1)H-NMR, FT-IR and XRD were used to confirm its structure. The anticancer(More)
OBJECTIVE To synthesize a (2-Hydroxypropyl)-γ-cyclodextrin-polyethylenimine/adamantane-conjugated doxorubicin (γ-hy-PC/Ada-Dox) based supramolecular nanoparticle with host-guest interaction and to identify its physicochemical characterizations and antitumor effect. METHODS A novel non-viral gene delivery vector γ-hy-PC/Ada-Dox was synthesized based on(More)
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