Tian-long Deng

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The study identifies the role played by different components of natural aquatic systems on the poorly known geochemistry of antimony. Different chemical forms of antimony were measured in porewaters and sediments of two Sudbury lakes characterized by contrasting redox conditions at the sediment-water interface. In porewaters, Sb(III) was present under(More)
It was observed that the atomic fluorescence emission due to As(V) could has a 10% to 40% of fluorescence emission signal during the determination of As(III) in the mixture of As(III) and As(V). Besides, interferes from heavy metals such as Pb(lIl), Cu(ll) can cause severe increase of the signals as compared to the insignificant effects caused by Cd(II),(More)
Using HG - AFS as a powerful tool to study valence transformations of Te, we found that, in presence of HCl and at high temperature, Te can form volatile species and be lost during sample digestion and pre-reduction steps. It was also noticed that the chemical valences of Te can be modified under different chemical and digestion conditions and even by(More)
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