Tian-jiao Li

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By utilizing pendant 4-butyl-1H-pyrazole (Hbpz) with an alkyl "tail"--(CH2)3CH3, four Keggin-based complexes containing different transition metal multi-nuclear clusters and an infinite chain were hydrothermally synthesized and structurally characterized, [Cu(I)4(bpz)4(pz)2(H6PW11Cu(II)O39)2]·10H2O (1), [Cu(II)2(bpz)2(H2O)2(H3PCu0.5Mo11.5O40)]·3H2O (2),(More)
By introducing the unprecedented and flexible isomeric bis(pyridyl-tetrazole) ligands into a polyoxometalates (POMs) system, three POM-based compounds, {Ag2(4-bptzb)2(H2O)2[H2PMo12O40]2}·4-bptzb·5H2O (1), [Ag4(3-bptzb)2(PMo(V)Mo(VI)11O40)]·2H2O (2), and Ag3(3-bptzb)2.5(H2O)2[H3P2W18O62] (3) [4-bptzb = 1,4-bis(5-(4-pyridyl)tetrazolyl)butane and 3-bptzb(More)
Three transition metal organopolymolybdate hybrid compounds, namely, H2[Mn(H2O)4L3(γ-Mo8O26)] 8H2O (), H[M2(CH3O)(H2O)6L3(γ-Mo8O26)] [M = Zn () and Co ()] [L = 1,4-bis(3-pyridinecarboxamido)benzene] have been synthesized under solvothermal conditions and characterized by IR spectroscopy, TG analysis, powder XRD and single-crystal X-ray diffraction.(More)
In a light field camera, a microlens array (MLA) assembly error can affect the quality of the image. In this study, aiming to ensure corrective imaging using a light field camera, we accurately evaluate and eliminate the assembly error. We used an error image and a standard image to confirm the MLA assembly error, and we developed an assembly error(More)
Plenoptic cameras are used for capturing flames in studies of high-temperature phenomena. However, simulations of plenoptic camera models can be used prior to the experiment improve experimental efficiency and reduce cost. In this work, microlens arrays, which are based on the established light field camera model, are optimized into a hexagonal structure(More)
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