Tian-ci Yi

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The type localities of new mite species described in two journals (Systematic & Applied Acarology and Zootaxa) during the last six years (2007–2012) were surveyed to detect hotspots of new mite species discovery. Among the 642 papers examined, 71% of them contain new species, with 148 new species in 2007, 207 in 2008, 234 in 2009, 208 in 2010, 333 in 2011(More)
Tribolonychus collyerae Zhang & Martin is redescribed based on the larva, protonymph, deutonymph and adult male and female specimens from New Zealand. The ontogenetic development of chaetotaxy in Tribolonychus and the number and position of solenidia on tibia I are discussed. Patterns of setal addition on leg III and IV from larva to adult in Trilobonychus(More)
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