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[Screening probiotic endophytic bacteria from medicinal plant flex cornuta and the phytopathogen-inhibiting effect].
Microscopic analyses showed that the inhibited phytopathogen hyphae became deformed, distorted, and partially expanded forming plasma concentration and hair-like branch on thehyphae base, which could be caused by the extracellular metabolic substances secreted by the endophytic bacteria, such as antibiotics, hydrolytic enzymes, alkaloids and so on.
Inhibition of translation initiation factor eIF4A is required for apoptosis mediated by Microplitis bicoloratus bracovirus.
Findings suggested that MbBV inhibited the expression of eIF4A, which was required for apoptosis mediated by MbV, which will contribute to biological pest control and enhance the understanding of molecular mechanisms underlying polydnavirus-parasitoid-host interaction.
Identification of β-chain of Fo F1 -ATPase in apoptotic cell population induced by Microplitis bicoloratus bracovirus and its role in the development of Spodoptera litura.
It is found that Fo F1 -ATPase β-chain was expressed and localized on the cell membrane in the apoptotic cells, and involved in the development of S. litura.
Bracovirus-Mediated Innexin-Hemichannel Closure in Cell Disassembly
The results show that hemichannel opening and closure by various stimuli causing modulation of the levels of the gap junction proteins, Inxs, could inhibit or activate apoptotic body formation, respectively.