Tian-biao Zhang

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In order to increase the dissolution rate and bioavailability, solid dispersions of evodiamine in PVP K(30) with different enriched samples of evodiamine to PVP K(30) ratios were prepared by solvent method. Our studies showed that the dissolution rate of evodiamine was significantly higher in the solid dispersion system in comparison with that in enriched(More)
The changes in yields and nutritive composition of whole crop wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) during maturation and effects of maturity stage and lactic acid bacteria (LAB) inoculants on the fermentation quality and aerobic stability were investigated under laboratory conditions. Whole crop wheat harvested at three maturation stages: flowering stage, milk(More)
Traditional nanostructured metals are inherently comprised of a high density of high-energy interfaces that make this class of materials not stable in extreme conditions. Therefore, high performance bulk nanostructured metals containing stable interfaces are highly desirable for extreme environments applications. Here, we reported an attractive bulk Cu/V(More)
As one of the most crucial properties of DNA, the structural stability and the mechanical strength are attracting a great attention. Here, we take advantage of high force resolution and high special resolution of Atom Force Microscope and investigate the mechanical force of DNA duplexes. To evaluate the base pair hydrogen bond strength and base stacking(More)
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