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As business and enterprises generate and exchange XML data more often, there is an increasing need for searching and querying XML data. A lot of researches have been done to match XML twig queries. However, as far as we know, very little work has examined the efficient processing of XML twig queries with not-predicates. In this paper, we propose a novel(More)
The inherently limited processing power and battery lifetime of mobile phones hinder the possible execution of computationally intensive applications like content-based video analysis or 3D modeling. Offloading of computationally intensive application parts from the mobile platform into a remote cloud infrastructure or nearby idle computers addresses this(More)
Creeping bentgrass (Agrostis palustris Huds.) is a cool season grass widely used on putting greens in golf courses. Transformation of creeping bentgrass has been conducted using microprojectile bombardment and protoplast electroporation. The objective of our study is to develop an alternative and more efficient approach in transforming the grass using(More)
BACKGROUND There is great potential for using transgenic technology to improve the quality of cow milk and to produce biopharmaceuticals within the mammary gland. Lysozyme, a bactericidal protein that protects human infants from microbial infections, is highly expressed in human milk but is found in only trace amounts in cow milk. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL(More)
Finding all the occurrences of a twig pattern in an XML database is a core operation for efficient evaluation of XML queries. Holistic twig join algorithm has showed its superiority over binary decompose based approach due to efficient reducing intermediate results. The existing holistic join algorithms, however, cannot deal with ordered twig queries. A(More)
The glycosylation profile of a recombinant protein is important because glycan moieties can play a significant role in the biological properties of the glycoprotein. Here we determined the site-specific N-glycosylation profile of human lactoferrin (hLF) and recombinant human lactoferrin (rhLF) expressed in the milk of transgenic cloned cattle. We used(More)
Fatty acid-induced stimulation of enteroendocrine cells leads to release of the hormones such as cholecystokinin (CCK) that contribute to satiety. Recently, the fatty acid activated G protein-coupled receptor GPR120 has been shown to mediate long-chain unsaturated free fatty acid-induced CCK release from the enteroendocrine cell line, STC-1, yet the(More)
BACKGROUND To determine if heroin body packing has occurred using computed tomography (CT), and to evaluate the role of CT in screening such cases. METHODS We collected 158 cases of suspected drug packers' imaging materials (all underwent CT, 42 cases were imaged using plain x-ray film) from September 5, 2005 to April 23, 2008. Abdominal-pelvic CT(More)
The aims of the study were to summarize the characteristics of the spinal epidural cavernous hemangioma, especially for the MRI, and to improve the accurate rate of the preoperative diagnosis. The clinical and medical imaging data of six patients with pure spinal epidural cavernous hemangioma proved by operation and pathology were analyzed retrospectively.(More)
OBJECTIVE To characterize the association between clinical symptoms and anatomical and functional cerebral deficits in codeine-containing cough syrups (CCS) users using voxel-based morphometry and resting state functional connectivity analysis. METHODS Participants were 30 CCS users and 30 matched controls. Both groups were scanned using a volumetric(More)