Tian-Yu Shih

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AIM The frequency of employing radiography is increasing. Long-term risks of performing X-ray procedures on children and adolescents for medical diagnosis have raised significant concerns. METHODS In this study, we adopt the case-control methodology to evaluate the relationship between the incidence rate of acute leukaemia and exposure to radiation during(More)
With advances in therapeutic instruments and techniques, three-dimensional dose delivery has been widely used in radiotherapy. The verification of dose distribution in a small field becomes critical because of the obvious dose gradient within the field. The study investigates the dose distributions of various field sizes by using NIPAM polymer gel(More)
Osteoporosis is a disease characterized by a degradation of bone structures. Various methods have been developed to diagnose osteoporosis by measuring bone mineral density (BMD) of patients. However, BMDs from these methods were not equivalent and were incomparable. In addition, partial volume effect introduces errors in estimating bone volume from computed(More)
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