Tian Yu Kang

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The human major histocompatibility complex (MHC) region has been shown to be associated with numerous diseases. However, it remains a challenge to pinpoint the causal variants for these associations because of the extreme complexity of the region. We thus sequenced the entire 5-Mb MHC region in 20,635 individuals of Han Chinese ancestry (10,689 controls and(More)
Thermosensitive genic male-sterile lines have been extensively used in two-line hybrid rice breeding, yet the evolutionary characterization of the TMS5 gene underlying these traits remain unknown. In this study, we selected TMS5 gene, promoter, 3 terminal genomic region for sequence comparison and showed that this allele is highly conserved and has distinct(More)
With the development of microelectronical technology, modern communication, network technology, network surveillance technology is continuously improved. It related to the operation and management of devices in Solar Photovoltaic system. In the system, we plan to adopt Ethernet and construct embedded Web server which is based on DSP, and transplant Iwip(More)
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