Tian-You Song

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This paper presents a study on the adsorption of rabbit immunoglobulin G onto CdTe quantum dots (QDs)/polystyrene microspheres. The adsorption appears to be sensitive to pH conditions and ionic strength. Maximum adsorption for protein was obtained near the isoelectric point. Adsorption isotherm analysis demonstrated that the electrostatic interaction plays(More)
The title compound, [UO(2)(C(14)H(8)O(5))(H(2)O)](n), is a polymeric UO(2) complex bridged by 4,4'-oxydibenzoate ligands. One carboxyl-ate group of the bridging ligand chelates a uranyl cation while the other carboxyl-ate group of the ligand bridges two other two uranyl cations, forming a double-chain polymeric structure. The central U(VI) atom is(More)
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