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Optimal guaranteed cost control for fuzzy descriptor systems with time-varying delay
Based on the delay-independent rule, the problem of optimal guaranteed cost control for a class of Takagi-Sugeno (T-S) fuzzy descriptor systems with time-varying delay is studied. A linear quadraticExpand
Study on some agronomic traits of soybean cultivars with year of release in Jilin province
In order to investigate changes of yield,harvest index,biomass,seed fat content and seed protein content,sixteen soybean cultivars planted popularly under field trial were studied in JilinExpand
The Effect of Water Extract from Sophora moorcroftiana(SMSWE) on Immune Function in Tumor-bearing Mice
Objective To study the effect of water extract from Sophora moorcroftiana(SMSWE) on immune function in tumor-bearing mice.Methods S180-bearing mice were used and the inhibitory rate of tumor,indexesExpand
Design of low voltage power carrier wave communication circuit based on FSK-KQ100 module
Introduces a kind of low voltage power carrier wave communication circuit design based on FSK-KQ100 module(carrier wave modem module).Connectes directly single chip with Fsk-KQ100 module,takes it asExpand
Design of a Low Voltage Motor Restarting Controller
This paper presents a restarting controller for low voltage motors.The design is based on a new type of low power dissipation single-chip computer.It can solve the problem of abnormal halting causedExpand
How Guizhou Defense Governor Took Place of the Fifty Autonomous Prefectures and Counties Left over by Yelang Kingdom
Nine hundred year ago,Emperor Huizong of Song(November 2,1082-June 4,1135) unified fifty autonomous prefectures and counties left over by Yelang Kingdom by Qiannan Road,and began to establish GuizhouExpand
Ethanol extract of plant Dioscorea zingiberensis against dactylogyrid Dactylogyrus intermedius found in goldfish Carassius auratus
The parasiticidal effect of ethanol extracts from a plant Dioscorea zingiberensis on dactylogyrid Dactylogyrus intermedius found in goldfish(Carassius auratus) was studied to search for parasiticidalExpand
The Disadvantage and Consequence and Policy Facing the State-owned Commercial Banks after the Accession into WTO
As our country enetering WTO the foreign invested bands will enter China market on a large scale in no days. It's necessary to do some analyses about the present situation of the state-ownedExpand
Design of a Kind of Practical Digital Controller of Pneumatic Spot Welding Machine
This paper states the design of a kind of practical digital controller of pneumatic spot welding machine with the purpose of precise welding. Expand
The Establishment of G(?)zhou Prov(?) Starts before Nine (?)d The Capital of Guizhon Begins Firstly in S(?) County (II)
In the year of Da Guan namely in 1107,after Tian Yonggong, a historical figure, launched the southward war and occupied the Jimie area which was then the biggest prefecture nearby Wujiang River, heExpand