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Descriptions of Three New Species of Orthogoniini (Coleoptera: Caraboidea) from Sumatra Island, Indonesia
In the present paper, two new species of Orthogonius Macleay and one new species of Hexachaetus Chaudoir (Coleoptera, Caraboidea, Orthogoniini) are described and illustrated from Sumatra Island,Expand
A New Cave-dwelling Species of the Genus Itamus Schmidt-Gbel (Insecta:Coleoptera:Carabidae:Paussinae) from Southern Vietnam
Itamus deuvei is the second troglophile species of the genus Itamus Schmidt-Gbel and is easily distinguished from I.cavicola (Moore) from Papua New Guinea by its more elongate body, longer antennae, head without a supraorbital setiferous pore, and very shallow and impunctate elytral striae. Expand
Scanning Electron Microscopic Observation of Carabus prodigus Antennae and Their Electroantennographic Responses
The comparison of the EAG response of different parts of C.prodigus antennae of both adult females and males showed that the apical part of the antenna elicited the strongest EAG responses, while the middle part ofThe antenna produced the smallest. Expand
Interspecific association among dominant species groups of arthropods on Pueraria lobata
Relationships among ten main species groups of arthropods on Kudzu Pueraria lobata Ohwi, were analyzed and fourteen couplets showed a positive correlation significantly, of which ants-Chauliops fallax species groups couplet showed the strongest positive correlation. Expand
Two species of CybocePhalus Erichson, C. aksuensis from Xinjiang, China and C. kuangi from Gansu, China, are described as new to science in this paper. Expand
Notes on the genus Stomis Clairville in China and description of a new species from Yunnan Province (Coleoptera, Carabidae, Pterostichinae)
A new species from Northwest Yunnan Province was described in the paper, and it is easy to be distinguished from the three species mentioned above: its compound eyes quite reduced and genae are visible from dorsal view, neck rather long, elytra comparatively elongated and parallel-sided. Expand
One new species of the genus Craspedophorus Hope, 1838 (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Panagaeini) from Jianfengling Nature Reserve of Hainan Province.
A new species of the tribe Panagaeini(Coleoptera:Carabiae) Craspedophorus qiongensis sp.nov.was described and illustrated from Jianfengling Nature Reserve,Hainan Province.The unique female typeExpand