Tian-Ming Bu

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Various concepts, methods, and technical architectures of recommender systems have been integrated into E-commerce storefronts, such as Amazon.com, Netflix, etc. Thereby, recently, Web users have become more familiar with the notion of recommendations. Nevertheless, little work has been done to integrate recommender systems into scientific information(More)
We analyze the robustness of pure Nash Equilibria of sponsored search auctions, based on the forward-looking response function. To consider the robustness of such refined solution concept, we first study the convergence property of several adjustment schemes. Especially, we prove that under the randomized scheme, the auction always converges to a unique(More)
Ant colony optimization (ACO for short) is a meta-heuristics for hard combinatorial optimization problems. It is a population-based approach that uses exploitation of positive feedback as well as greedy search. In this paper, genetic algorithm's (GA for short) ideas are introduced into ACO to present a new binary-coding based ant colony optimization.(More)