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—This paper reports on an extensive analysis of the trapping processes and of the reliability of experimental AlGaN/ GaN MIS-HEMTs, grown on silicon substrate. The study is based on combined pulsed characterization, transient investigation , breakdown, and reverse-bias stress tests, and provides the following, relevant, information: 1) the exposure to high(More)
This paper reports on an extensive investigation of the gate stability of GaN-based High Electron Mobility Transistors with p-type gate submitted to forward gate stress. Based on combined electrical and electroluminescence measurements, we demonstrate the following results: (i) the catastrophic breakdown voltage of the gate diode is higher than 11 V at room(More)
Winged helix/forkhead transcription factor gene 2 (Foxl2) plays a crucial role during early ovarian development in fish. Sex steroids and aromatase inhibitors can regulate gonadal differentiation in teleosts. To address the role of Foxl2 in gonadal differentiation, foxl2 was isolated and characterized from the Hong Kong catfish, Clarias fuscus. Tissue(More)
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