Tian Jipeng

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The acquired image will has different levels of noise pollution and image distortion in Handwritten Chinese character recognition document image processing. For these situations the accurate and fast edge detection method is an important prerequisite for the recognition results. The widely used edge detection algorithms such as: first derivative-based edge(More)
Chinese Handwritten character recognition is an emerging field in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition. Documents acquired through Scanner, Mobile or Camera devices are often prone to Skew and Correction of skew for such document is a major task and important factor in optical character recognition. The goal of the work is to correct skew for the(More)
Computer Information Processing Technology is a very important symbol of today’s world. The development of Computer makes human society changing a lot. Chinese language is the most used language in the world. In our experiment we employ Elastic matching algorithm which is a special model of matching. It does not need that the input image is perfectly same(More)
This paper will discuss about combination of the genetic algorithm and the rough set theory to solve complex, multi-class super-deformed and multi-pattern recognition problems of the offline handwritten Chinese character recognition. It gives a genetic algorithm based offline handwritten Chinese character feature simple algorithm, without loss of the(More)
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