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Intelligent Control System of Welding Torch's Attitude for Pipeline Welding Robot
Aiming at the control problem of the welding torch' attitude in the case of whole-position welding, an intelligent control system of welding torch's attitude for pipeline welding robot is presentedExpand
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Fault Diagnosis System with Natural Repair Function for Screw Oil Pump Based on Radial Basic Function Network
Considering the issues that the relationship between the fault of screw oil pump existent and fault information is a complicated and nonlinear system, and the radial basic function network (RBFNN)Expand
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Cluster based hierarchical resource searching model in P2P network
An improved hierarchical resource-searching model to decrease the network expense is proposed, which establishes cluster in P2P network, auto-organizes logical layers, and applies a hybrid mechanism of directional searching and flooding. Expand
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A Robot Motion Control System Based on ARM
A method for robot motion control system based on FPGA and the embedded processor ARM is presented in this paper. Expand
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Oxidation Reduction Potential network sensor based on Kalman filtering
This paper introduced an oxidation reduction potential network sensor based on Kalman filtering, which based on embedded system. Expand
Robotic Fault Diagnosis System Based on Improved Black-Gray-White Sieve Method
An improved robotic fault diagnosis method based on Black-Gray-White gathering sieve method is presented in this paper. Expand
Introduction Experiment Study on Hybrid Rice Varieties
Introduction experiment on hybird rice varieties were conducted.The results showed that the yield of yixiang 101,fuyou 325 and yuyou 855 increased by 5.70%,3.17%,0.44% in comparison with the CK(ⅡyouExpand
Synthesis of Mitiglinide
Mitiglimide was synthesized from 2-benzylsuccinic acid by dehydration in the presence of Ac2O to give 2-benzylsuccinic anhydride,which was subjected to condensation withExpand
Method of Measurement Viscosity of Oil Using Inclined-tube and Bowl
It is very important that the viscosity of oil is measured.One system is introduced to measure the viscosity of oil.The inclined-tube,bowl,Hall-switch and microcontroller are used in thisExpand
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Automatic Control System of the Electrode's Position during the Whole Process of LF Steel-Making
An automatic control system of the electrode's position during whole process of steel-making based on real-time control is presented in this paper, which is adapted for LFsteel-making stove. Expand