Tian-Hui Ma

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In this paper, we study the problem of recovering a tensor with missing data. We propose a new model combining the total variation regularization and low-rank matrix factorization. A block coordinate decent (BCD) algorithm is developed to efficiently solve the proposed optimization model. We theoretically show that under some mild conditions, the algorithm(More)
Original scientific paper The fracture pattern of rock mass in shale gas reservoirs is one of the main factors affecting the efficiency of hydraulic fracturing. In this paper, physical experiments and numerical modelling were conducted to systematically investigate the effect of the in-situ stress and perforation angle on the hydraulic fracture initiation(More)
We have proposed a patch-based principal component analysis (PCA) method to deal with face recognition. Many PCA-based methods for face recognition utilize the correlation between pixels, columns, or rows. But the local spatial information is not utilized or not fully utilized in these methods. We believe that patches are more meaningful basic units for(More)
In this paper, the characteristics and laws of rockburst at headrace tunnels in Jinping II hydropower station are summarized basing on a mass of rockburst incidents recorded during tunneling, including the law of rockburst distribution with mileage, the way of failure of rock surrounding tunnel, the relationship of rockburst and distance, the laws of(More)
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