Tian Hong Yan

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We report an apparently novel toxic effect of the dinoflagellate Alexandrium tamarense, manifested by inhibition of the egg hatching success of the scallop, Chlamys farreri. The hatching rate of C. farreri approached only 30% of controls when its fertilised eggs were exposed for 36h to A. tamarense cells or cellular fragments at a concentration of 100(More)
A review was made on the main environmental characteristics such as currents and water body, diluted water and its turning direction, upwelling, front, nutrients and its sources and plankton community in the Changjiang River estuary and its adjacent sea areas which could affect the growth, migration, assembling, resting and competition of harmful algae to(More)
Image interpolation has been widely used and studied in the fields of image processing. Considering the different complexities along the different directions, a novel image interpolation method based on gradient analysis is presented in this article. First, for each point that need to be interpolated, the gradient values along the horizontal and vertical(More)
A 32-Gb ReRAM test chip has been developed in a 24-nm process, with a diode as the selection device and metal oxide as the switching element. The memory array is constructed with cross-point architecture to allow multiple memory layers stacked above the supporting circuitry and minimize the circuit area overhead. Die efficiency is further improved by(More)
Phytoplankton and shellfish samples collected periodically from 5 representative mariculture zones around the Bohai Sea, Laishan (LS), Laizhou (LZ), Hangu (HG), Qinhuangdao (QHD) and Huludao (HLD), were analysed for paralytic shellfish toxins (PSTs) using an high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) method. Toxins were detected in 13 out of 20(More)
The small mysid crustacean Neomysis awatschensis was collected in the west coast of Jiaozhou Bay, Qingdao, China in 1992 and acclimated and cultured in laboratory conditions since then. Standard acute toxicity tests using 4-6 d juvenile mysids of this species were conducted and the results were compared with Mysidopsis bahia, a standard toxicity test(More)
The frequency and scale of Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB) and marine algal toxin incidents have been increasing and spreading in the past two decades, causing damages to the marine environment and threatening human life through contaminated seafood. To better understand the effect of HAB and marine algal toxins on marine environment and human health in China,(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the transfer of paralytic shellfish toxins (PST) using four simulated marine food chains: dinoflagellate Alexandrium tamarense --> Artemia Artemia salina --> Mysid shrimp Neomysis awatschensis; A. tamarense --> N. awatschensis; A. tamarense --> A. salina --> Perch Lateolabrax japonicus; and A. tamarense --> L. japonicus. METHODS The(More)
The effects of Prorocentrum donghaiense and Alexandrium sp., causative species of harmful algal bloom of East China Sea in May 2002, on rotifer Brachionus plicatilis population were studied in the laboratory. The results showed that Alexandrium tamarense (ATHK) had a lethal effect on B. plicatilis and the 48hLC50 was about 1300 cell.ml-1. The toxin(More)
Shellfish samples were collected from seven inter-tidal and two sub-tidal sites between 23 May and 8 June 1999 in Vancouver Harbour and were analysed for paralytic shellfish poisoning (PSP) using a mouse bioassay. PSP was detected in mussels collected at four sampling sites in English Bay and Burrard Inlet, at a concentration below 20 microg saxitoxin(More)