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The ability to predict end-of-line electrical properties of wafer in semiconductor manufacturing processes is critical to developing and maintaining a high yield. However, this is difficult because an advanced wafer manufacturing process consists of 300-400 steps, and in-line metrology data is only available for a few steps and for infrequently sampled(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate the function and possible mechanisms of PIAS3 expression on the invasion of TJ905 cells. METHODS PIAS3 overexpression vectors were constructed and PIAS3 siRNA were chemically synthesized, which were separately transfected into TJ905 cells for upregulation or downregulation of PIAS3 expression levels in TJ905 cells. After that,(More)
In this study, plantwide control of an absorption/stripping CO2 capture process using mono-ethanol-amine was investigated using dynamic simulation. In this system, CO2 removal ratio is influenced by operating variables such as lean solvent rate and lean solvent loading, which is in-turn determined by reboiler duty in the stripper. Moreover, we found that(More)
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