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The glymphatic system is a recently defined brain-wide paravascular pathway for cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and interstitial fluid (ISF) exchange that facilitates efficient clearance of solutes and waste from the brain. CSF enters the brain along para-arterial channels to exchange with ISF, which is in turn cleared from the brain along para-venous pathways.(More)
Many natural compounds derived from plants or microbes show promising potential for anticancer treatment, but few have been found to target energy-relevant regulators. In this study, we report that neoalbaconol (NA), a novel small-molecular compound isolated from the fungus, Albatrellus confluens, could target 3-phosphoinositide-dependent protein kinase 1(More)
A 1.94 μm switchable dual-wavelength Tm(3+) fiber laser employing two high-birefringence fiber Bragg gratings (HB-FBGs) is demonstrated. The polarization hole burning effect enhanced by the HB-FBG is first observed and adopted to guarantee stable dual-wavelength operation in the spectral region near 2 μm at room temperature. The wavelength spacing between(More)
KISS-1 and GPR54 were regarded as key regulators for the puberty onset and fundamental gatekeepers of sexual maturation in mammals. To explore the possible association between variations in KISS-1 and GPR54 with sexual precocity, mutation screening of exon 1 of KISS-1 and exon 1, exon 3, and partial exon 5 of GPR54 was performed in a sexual precocious breed(More)
OBJECTIVES To design and assess HIV and homosexuality related stigma scales in a developing world context. METHODS A respondent-driven sampling survey was conducted among 351 men who have sex with men (MSM) in Shenzhen, China. Exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses were used to examine and determine the latent factors of stigma subscales. RESULTS(More)
We propose a layered framework for incorporating example-based skinning algorithms such as Pose Space Deformation or Shape-by-Example into an existing character animation system. The challenge in implementing example-based skinning in an existing system lies in the fact that it is generally believed that the interpolation of the examples is best performed(More)
The reduction of surface “native” oxides from GaAs substrates following reactions with trimethylaluminum TMA precursor is studied using medium energy ion scattering spectroscopy MEIS and x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy XPS . MEIS measurements after one single TMA pulse show that 65% of the native oxide is reduced, confirmed by XPS measurement, and a 5 Å(More)
Intravenous drug users (IDUs) are at high risk of contracting HIV, but there is a geographic bias in such research efforts in China. The aim was to study the pattern of needle sharing and sex-related risk behaviours among drug users in southern China. About 260 drug users in a detoxification centre completed an anonymous questionnaire (response rate=87.3%).(More)