Tian-Bo Deng

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— Digital filters capable of changing their frequency response characteristics are often referred to as variable digital filters (VDF's) and have been found useful in a number of digital signal processing applications. An important class of VDF's is the class of digital filters with variable fractional delay. This paper describes an enhanced weighted(More)
—This paper presents a noniterative weighted-least-squares (WLS) method for designing allpass variable fractional delay (VFD) digital filters. After expressing each coefficient of an allpass VFD filter as a polynomial of the VFD parameter , we develop a noniterative technique for finding the optimal polynomial coefficients, and show that the allpass VFD(More)
—This paper proposes a closed-form weighted least-squares solution for designing variable two-dimensional (2-D) finite-impulse response (FIR) digital filters with continuously variable 2-D fractional delay responses. First, the coefficients of the variable 2-D transfer function are represented by using the polynomials of a pair of fractional delays (1 2).(More)