Tiago do Nascimento da Silva

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Sympathetic paragangliomas are rare catecholamine-secreting tumors of extra-adrenal origin, and their diagnosis in children is even more infrequent. They usually manifest as hypertension, palpitations, headache, sweating, and pallor. Malignant paragangliomas are identified by the presence of metastasis. Hemorrhagic stroke in the pediatric population is a(More)
Two new species of Culicoides Latreille of the Neotropical subgenus Mataemyia Vargas are described and illustrated based on female specimens from Juruti, Pará, Brazil and compared with their similar congeners. This paper also presents a diagnosis of the subgenus Mataemyia and a systematic key for the identification of the 19 species of the subgenus.
Seven new species of the Culicoides reticulatus species group are described and illustrated based on specimens from Colombia, Panama and Brazilian states of northern (Amazonas, Pará and Roraima) and southeast region (Rio de Janeiro). The new species are compared with their similar congener, Culicoides reticulatus Lutz, and a systematic key, table with(More)
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