Tiago de Oliveira

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Cell motility is controlled by the dynamic cytoskeleton and its related proteins, such as members of the ezrin/radixin/moesin (ERM) family, which act as signalling molecules inducing cytoskeleton remodelling. Although ERM proteins have been identified as important factors in various malignancies, functional redundancy between these proteins has hindered the(More)
Dysregulation of tumor suppressor protein E-cadherin is an early molecular event in cancer. O-mannosylation profile of E-cadherin is a newly-described post-translational modification crucial for its adhesive functions in homeostasis. However, the role of O-mannosyl glycans in E-cadherin-mediated cell adhesion in cancer and their interplay with N-glycans(More)
Chagas disease is a very important neglected disease and millions of people live in endemic areas at the risk of acquiring the infection. Due to scarce and ineffective current chemotherapy, the introduction of new drugs on therapeutics is highly necessary. Bioisoster hybrids derivatives were previously designed, synthesized, and assayed in terms of(More)
To Professor João Tiago Mexia, a token of friendship. Abstract In this article, we begin with an asymptotic comparison at optimal levels of the so-called " maximum likelihood " (ML) extreme value index estimator, based on the excesses over a high random threshold , denoted PORT-ML, with PORT standing for peaks over random thresholds, with a similar ML(More)
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