Tiago de Oliveira Simões Pereira

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Several evidences suggest that glutamate may be involved in retinal neurodegeneration in diabetic retinopathy (DR). For that reason, we investigated whether high glucose or diabetes affect the accumulation and the release of [(3)H]-D-aspartate, which was used as a marker of the glutamate transmitter pool. The accumulation of [(3)H]-D-aspartate did not(More)
The success of pancreatic β-cells transplantation to treat type 1 diabetes has been hindered by massive β-cell dysfunction and loss of β-cells that follows the procedure. Hypoxia-mediated cell death has been considered one of the main difficulties that must be overcome for transplantation to be regarded as a reliable therapy. Here we have investigated the(More)
Activation of purinergic P2 receptors, which are expressed in neurons and microglial cells, normally induces an increase in intracellular calcium concentration ([Ca(2+)](i)) and some of the inflammatory mediators and excitatory neurotransmitters found to be implicated in neuronal cell death observed in diabetic retinas are released in response to an(More)
This study aimed to assess how the capacity to acquire, form and consolidate motor memories might vary across different tasks and different groups (with and without motor expertise). 20 athletes and 21 non-athletes were tested on five motor tasks: a motor sequence task, a reaction time task, two visuo-manual tasks, and a balance task. Performance was(More)
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