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Peripheral nerve injury is a common and important cause of morbidity and disability in patients who have suffered a traumatic injury, particularly younger people. Various different injuries can result in damage to specific nerves. In patients with multiple trauma, the prevalence of peripheral nerve injury is estimated at 2.8%, but can reach 5% with the(More)
BACKGROUND Peripheral nerve lesions in the upper limbs occur predominantly in reproductive-age men and are often caused by sharp objects. Microsurgery is the choice treatment for these injuries, and regeneration after surgery typically is evaluated with clinical and electrophysiological examinations. The aim of this study was to use magnetic resonance(More)
BACKGROUND The incidence of headache in patients with pituitary adenomas is high, and the underlying pathological mechanisms are not completely understood. OBJECTIVE We tested the efficacy of percutaneous ganglion block and trigeminal rhizotomy in the treatment of severe trigeminal/autonomic headache associated with pituitary tumors. METHODS Eleven(More)
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