Tiago Tonelli

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The improvement in the survival rate of infants born at the limit of viability, i.e. <26 weeks of gestational age, raises concern about the risk of neurodevelopmental disabilities. The relevance of intraventricular hemorrhage (IVH), which is the most frequent cerebral lesion diagnosed in extremely low birth weight neonates, cannot then be underestimated.(More)
The analysis of cutaneous melanoma images by two coupled computers (IBM 7350/4361) was carried out on twenty color slides. Each color slide was digitized with a spatial reduction of 25 X 25 microns. Classic technics of digital image analysis and new algorithms were used to improve the contrast on the full image or a portion of it, contrast a skin lesion(More)
Materials and methods In this diagnostic test study, the type 2 diabetic patients were submitted to clinical and laboratory evaluation. Endothelial function was evaluated with Doppler ultrasound of the brachial artery, measuring the basal diameter and the FMD after ischemia in the forearm. ROC curves were constructed and two scores were used as reference(More)
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