Tiago Soares

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In recent years the reassessment of remuneration schemes for renewable sources in several European countries has motivated the increase of wind power generation participation in electricity markets. Moreover, the continuous growth of wind power generation, as well as the evolution of wind turbines technology, suggests that wind power plants may participate(More)
The smart grid concept is a key issue in the future power systems, namely at the distribution level, with deep concerns in the operation and planning of these systems. Several advantages and benefits for both technical and economic operation of the power system and of the electricity markets are recognized. The increasing integration of demand response and(More)
[n this paper we use the methodology developed hy Banker, Chang and Majumdar (1993) in order to examine and evaluate dimensions of performance for the three Portuguese mobile operators in the period between 1991-2001. Performance is measured using a multi-period ratio analysis mock], which enables decomposition or profitability into 4 components:(More)
In future power systems, wind power generation will play an important role in supplying electric power demand and even more in the design of future energy and reserve markets’ architecture. Consequently, it is likely that wind power plant operators will develop offering strategies in this competitive environment, accounting for the market rules and the(More)
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