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Internet Protocol layer multicast by means of electronic processing is going to be the bottleneck of the next generation optical networks. Optical routers with optical layer multicast capability will become the new focus to overcome the speed limit and simplify the logical network stack structure. In this paper, optical multicast technologies by(More)
This work presents a new mechanism to reduce statistically the chances of the optimization process of nonlinear functions stagnating in local minima, using the meta-heuristic Particle Swarm Optimization. Such mechanism adopts a nonmonotonic way to control the particle inertia, which is one of the factors responsible for this movement during the optimization(More)
A 40 Gb/s wavelength and return-to-zero (RZ) to non-RZ (NRZ) pulse format converter is experimentally demonstrated. The converter is based on wavelength conversion in a semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA) and detuned optical filtering. The ideal filter response is investigated, and approximated experimentally cascading two filters, for a 3 ps 40 Gb/s(More)
In this paper we present an overview of all-optical generation of vestigial sideband (VSB) signals based on self-phase modulation (SPM) in semiconductor optical amplifiers (SOA) at 10 Gb/s and 40 Gb/s. An optical pump is used to saturate the SOA, avoiding self gain induced distortion. Operation with co- and counter-propagation of the signal and pump is(More)
Background: New recommendations on reference values for normal test results in ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM) were proposed by the V Brazilian Guidelines on Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring, based mainly on the IDACO study. Objectives: This epidemiological study is aimed at evaluating the impact of adopting these new standards in an(More)
Some of the most promising transmitter linearization techniques for high performance radio over fiber systems are reviewed and compared through simulation tests. Comparison is focused on Mach-Zehnder modulator (MZM) operated at low bias; MZM conventionally biased at quadrature, driven with low modulation depth and cascaded with a notch optical filter;(More)
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