Tiago Rosa Maria Paula Queluz

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This paper proposes a no-reference quality assessment metric for digital video subject to H.264/advanced video coding encoding. The proposed metric comprises two main steps: coding error estimation and perceptual weighting of this error. Error estimates are computed in the transform domain, assuming that discrete cosine transform (DCT) coefficients are(More)
This paper is focused on digital image and video authentication, considered as the process of evaluating the integrity of image contents relative to the original picture and of being able to detect, in an automatic way, malevolent content modi"cations. Generic models, corresponding to current approaches for content integrity evaluation } labeling and(More)
In this paper a new pedestrian mobility model for outdoor scenarios is presented. It captures realistic features like moving-in-groups, conscious traveling and smart traveling. The routing algorithm proposed within the model works under a step by step approach, leading users to their destination while, at the same time, using more attractable streets from a(More)