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—This paper presents an artificial neural network applied to the forecasting of electricity market prices, with the special feature of being dynamic. The dynamism is verified at two different levels. The first level is characterized as a retraining of the network in every iteration, so that the artificial neural network can able to consider the most recent(More)
The increase of distributed energy resources, mainly based on renewable sources, requires new solutions that are able to deal with this type of resources' particular characteristics (namely, the renewable energy sources intermittent nature). The smart grid concept is increasing its consensus as the most suitable solution to facilitate the small players'(More)
Contextualization is critical in every decision making process. Adequate responses to problems depend not only on the variables with direct influence on the outcomes, but also on a correct contextualization of the problem regarding the surrounding environment. Electricity markets are dynamic environments with increasing complexity, potentiated by the last(More)