Tiago Leite

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A 7.4% vaginal extract of the Brazilian pepper tree (Schinus terebinthifolius Raddi) was compared with 0.75% vaginal metronidazole, both manufactured by the Hebron Laboratory, for the treatment of bacterial vaginosis, used at bedtime for 7 nights. The condition was diagnosed using the combined criteria of Amsel and Nugent in two groups of 140 and 137 women,(More)
The study of the kinetics of tunneling represents an important topic related to the development of high-speed electronic devices. In this paper, we analyze the resonant-tunneling lifetime of different arrangements, with the aim of comparing the responses of rectangular and triangular multibarrier semiconductor heterostructures (GaAs/AlGaAs). The results(More)
In recent years computational devices have become affordable to the point where is common for a user to own mobile phones, PDAs, Laptops and Desktops. He may use these devices both for entertaining purposes or in order to perform his work anywhere. Due to this fact it is expected that a user stores different versions of the same files throughout his(More)
The separation energy and half-life of some heavy proton emitting nuclei, and the single-particle structure of the unbound 11N , have been evaluated by implementing a careful numerical treatment to solve Schrödinger equation in a continuum discretization context. The basic scheme behind the method consists in using the ground-state proton emitter in(More)
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