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BACKGROUND Asthma is a frequent chronic respiratory disease in both children and adults. However, few data on asthma prevalence are available in Portugal. The Portuguese National Asthma Survey is the first nationwide study that uses standardized methods. We aimed to estimate the prevalence of current asthma in the Portuguese population and to assess the(More)
BACKGROUND Fraction of exhaled nitric oxide (Feno) and blood eosinophil count (B-Eos) values, markers of local and systemic eosinophilic inflammation, respectively, are increased in asthmatic patients. Little is known about the relation of these markers to reported wheeze and asthma events in a random population sample. OBJECTIVES We sought to determine(More)
Asthma frequently occurs in association with allergic rhinitis and a combined management approach has been suggested. The Control of Allergic Rhinitis and Asthma Test (CARAT) is the first questionnaire to assess control of both diseases concurrently. However, to have an impact on healthcare it needs to be disseminated and adopted. In this paper we discuss(More)
BACKGROUND Atopy and rhinitis are among the factors affecting exhaled nitric oxide (FeNO) values and may contribute to difficulties in the clinical interpretation of FeNO measurements. However, data assessing their effects on FeNO values had never been summarized. This review aims to evaluate the effect of atopy and rhinitis in FeNO values in otherwise(More)
BACKGROUND The values obtained when the fraction of exhaled nitric oxide (FeNO) is measured are affected by several factors that are specific to the individual patient, making interpretation difficult, especially in the initial assessment of patients with respiratory symptoms. METHODS Systematic review of studies on FeNO reference values and(More)
BACKGROUND Asthma and allergic rhinitis (ARA) are common inflammatory diseases of the airways. Enhancement of a patient's participation on clinical decisions is related to better results in control of diseases. To control ARA, patients should monitor their symptoms, avoid triggers, and follow their treatment plan. This study described the challenges of(More)
BACKGROUND Guided self-management is an important component of asthma care. Most trials have evaluated paper-based strategies. The effectiveness of new communication technologies remains uncertain. OBJECTIVES To compare the feasibility and clinical outcomes of a standard paper-based asthma self-management strategy with web-based strategies. METHODS In a(More)
It is not fully understood how the fraction of exhaled nitric oxide (FeNO) varies with age and gender in healthy individuals. We aim to describe the evolution of FeNO with age, giving special regard to the effect of gender, and to relate this evolution to natural changes in the respiratory tract.We studied 3081 subjects from NHANES 2007-08 and 2009-10, aged(More)
has been also commented upon by other experts in the field [5, 6]. Thus, the present authors believe that the prophylactic administration of antimicrobials via the respiratory tract for ventilator-associated pneumonia deserves the attention of investigators. However, future studies should focus not only on the effectiveness of this strategy but also on(More)
Everyone deserves to be acknowledged for their efforts and contributions to a shared goal, and getting credit for your scientific work should be part of a natural process and should be fair and straightforward. However, credit cannot be objectively measured despite it having a big influence and, unfortunately, getting appropriate credit can occasionally be(More)