Tiago Gabriel Correia

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We investigated the effects of acidic pH and acute aluminum (Al) exposure on the metabolic substrates of Astyanax bimaculatus, and on the ability of these animals to recover in clean water. After an acclimation period, sexually mature A. bimaculatus females were sorted into six glass aquaria with three experimental groups: control in neutral pH (7.0),(More)
Fatty acids have been used in marine biogeochemistry as food chain biomarkers, but in freshwater these studies are rare. In order to evaluate the fatty acid potential as biomarkers in freshwater, their profile was analyzed during vitellogenesis in two fish species, in both waterfall and reservoir environments of the Paraíba do Sul River Basin. Detrivorous(More)
The effects of aluminum on plasma ion, lipid, protein and steroid hormone concentration were evaluated in Oreochromis niloticus broodstock females. Lipid and protein concentrations from the gonads and liver were also measured. Experiments were performed at neutral and acidic water pH. Four groups of fish were tested for 96h: 1) control conditions at neutral(More)
This study investigated the acute toxicity of nickel (Ni) to cardinal tetra (Paracheirodon axelrodi), within the three main water types of the Amazon basin: black (Rio Negro), white (Rio Solimões) and clear (Rio Tapajós) during the wet and dry season at pH 7 (representative of white and clear rivers) and pH 4 (representative of black waters). The influence(More)
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