Tiago Freitas

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The work reported in this paper is part of a project that aims at describing the role of prosody in conveying discourse structure in European Portuguese. We conducted an empirical study to investigate whether the organization of discourse could be reflected by the occurrence of pauses. In order to achieve that, we started by asking sixteen subjects to(More)
BACKGROUND Peripheral nerve lesions in the upper limbs occur predominantly in reproductive-age men and are often caused by sharp objects. Microsurgery is the choice treatment for these injuries, and regeneration after surgery typically is evaluated with clinical and electrophysiological examinations. The aim of this study was to use magnetic resonance(More)
BACKGROUND Peripheral nerve injury is a common and important cause of morbidity and disability in patients who have suffered a traumatic injury, particularly younger people. Various different injuries can result in damage to specific nerves. In patients with multiple trauma, the prevalence of peripheral nerve injury is estimated at 2.8%, but can reach 5%(More)
The emerging interdisciplinary field of Intelligent Computer Assisted Language Learning (ICALL) aims to integrate the knowledge from computational linguistics into computer-assisted language learning (CALL). REAP.PT is a project emerging from this new field, aiming to teach Portuguese in an innovative and appealing way, and adapted to each student. In this(More)
BACKGROUND Internal landmarks for the subthalamic nucleus (STN) have been used in past. This study uses a yet-unused internal landmark to refine STN targeting. OBJECTIVE To determine the effect of the width of the interpeduncular cistern (IPC) on STN targeting during placement of deep brain stimulation (DBS) for Parkinson disease. METHODS Fifty(More)
Spock is an open source tool for the easy deployment of time-aligned corpora. It is fully web-based, and has very limited server-side requirements. It allows the end-user to search the corpus in a text-driven manner, obtaining both the transcription and the corresponding sound fragment in the result page. Spock has an administration environment to help(More)
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