Tiago Freire

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Electric boats can constitute a valid solution to face the nowadays energy paradigm. Among other advantages, the electric chains on-board of a boat can be efficient and environmental friendly. In this paper, the electric chain of an electric boat is modeled using as reference a low scale system. The system is studied considering a boat equipped with a DC-DC(More)
<sup>1</sup>Electric propulsion systems are nowadays one of the most important ways to overcome the modern energy paradigm. Among other systems, electric boats can take advantage of using electric power increasing the efficiency of the propulsion chain and reducing the pollutant gas emissions. This paper presents and discusses global aspects of a boat(More)
Currently, there is widespread interest in how Web 2.0 tools can be used to improve students’ learning experiences. Previous studies have focused either on the advantages of wikis or on concerns over the use of Wikipedia. In this study, we propose to use Wikipedia as a classroom wiki. In doing so, we discuss how students can improve their standard written(More)
There is an increasing interest on the impact of immigration affects labour supply of women. In 1978 Singapore introduced legislation (under Chapter 91A) that allowed special visas for foreign domestic workers to enter the country. The Government’s stated objective was to increasing Singaporean women’s labour supply. While Singapore is often cited in the(More)
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