Tiago Ferreto

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— The SCI standard was proposed in 1992 to be a high performance bus for processor interconnection in multicomputers. With the growing popularity of cluster architectures, the standard was implemented in PCI cards and offered as a flexible an efficient alternative for the construction of parallel systems. After some initial difficulties, like(More)
Virtualization technologies and server consolidation are the main drivers of high resource utilization and energy efficiency in modern Data Centers. However, some combinations of virtual machines into the same server may lead to severe performance degradation. This performance degradation is known as virtual machine interference. In a typical Data Center,(More)
—Cloud computing emerged in the last years as a novel approach to deal with computational resources. The amount of resources available seems infinite, resources are charged per use (usually by the hour), provisioning or releasing resources is performed on demand and quickly. In addition, everyday more and more features are included by cloud providers in(More)
This paper presents a performance evaluation of DECK (Distributed Execution and Communication Kernel), a multithreaded parallel programming environment for clusters of SMPs, with the parallel implementation of the classical Man-delbrot fractal generation and Laplace's Equation algorithms. The applications have been run on Myrinet and SCI clusters and the(More)
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