Tiago Carneiro

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The final step of cytoplasmic mRNA degradation proceeds in either a 5'-3' direction catalysed by Xrn1 or in a 3'-5' direction catalysed by the exosome. Dis3/Rrp44, an RNase II family protein, is the catalytic subunit of the exosome. In humans, there are three paralogues of this enzyme: DIS3, DIS3L, and DIS3L2. In this work, we identified a novel(More)
Spatial Dynamic Modeling simulates spatio-temporal processes in which a location on the Earth’s surface changes due to some external driving force. This paper introduces TerraML, a dynamic modeling language to be used in environmental applications. TerraML supports both discrete and continuous change processes and generalized neighborhood to accommodate(More)
Telomeres protect the normal ends of chromosomes from being recognized as deleterious DNA double-strand breaks. Recent studies have uncovered an apparent paradox: although DNA repair is prevented, several proteins involved in DNA damage processing and checkpoint responses are recruited to telomeres in every cell cycle and are required for end protection. It(More)
This work presents a new parallel procedure designed to process combinatorial B&B algorithms using GPGPU. In our schema we dispatch a number of threads that treats intelligently the massively parallel processors of NVIDIA GeForce graphical units. The strategy is to build sequentially a series of initial searches that can map a subspace of the(More)
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